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Day 12

20/25/30% off

when you spend $50/100/250+

FREE GROUND SHIPPING on orders over $100

LAST DAY for guranteed arrival before Christmas!

Tegu in the Classroom

Tegu Blocks were born in the classroom.

Tegu in the Classroom

With help from some forward thinking preschools and kindergartens in Silicon Valley, Tegu Blocks came to life in a most natural environment – children's hands. Ideas were tested, prototypes were made, and true play was observed. And, after rapid iteration, Tegu Blocks soon became what all our builders today know and love. Since then, we have gone beyond the classroom to play rooms, bed rooms, restaurants, airplanes, and anywhere imaginations have flown. But, we know that Tegu will always have a place where it all started – the classroom.

Boundless Play

As school starts back up and the curriculums build, remember the importance of free playtime. When children are given time and space to allow their minds to "roam" freely and simply have fun (without thinking about what they're learning), they discover new worlds, as we like to say.

Playing is learning

We all know that playing can be one of the best ways to learn. In fact, we believe that when a child plays, his or her mind is opened to learn in new and exciting ways. It’s usually so exciting that they don't even know they are learning as they go!

How does playing with Tegu support a child's development over time?

A child's development over time with Tegu support

Our Classroom kit

Tegu Classroom Kit

Tegu Blocks bring open-ended imaginative play to the classroom with the feel of all natural wood and the powerful wonder of magnets. Our Classroom Kit comes with 130 magnetic hardwood blocks packaged neatly in their own storage box for easy clean up when individual or group play is done. With 10 shapes in 6 classic Tegu Tints colors, the Classroom Kit allows small groups of children to build big and teach unique lessons from science to math to art.

Kids playing with classroom kit
  • Materials
  • Sustainably harvested Central American hardwoods. Safe, non-toxic, water-based finishes(for colors and clear coats). Proudly vertically-integrated, Tegu personally approves every block that reaches a child.
  • Safety
  • This product conforms to the USA and European safety requirements of CPSIA 2011 and EN71, respectively.

Boundless play in action

Just a few inspiring ways Tegu blocks can be used to nurture creative minds

Patterns and Shapes
Pocket Prism - Tints

Pattern Master

This is a fun game that can be played with a mixed set of Tegu blocks and 2 or more students for a collaborative learning activity. One student starts the game as the "Pattern Master" and creates a pattern of colors or shapes with Tegu blocks. The other students in the group take turns trying to match the pattern by picking out single Tegu blocks from the remaining set and checking with the Pattern Master. If the block is part of the pattern, the student can add it to the structure. The first player to correctly match the pattern becomes the Pattern Master for the next round!


How Tall Are You?

Begin by asking your students to predict how tall they would be in Tegu blocks; this question will elicit a number of different responses (for example: students may ask which blocks will be used to measure). Depending on the responses offered, you can ask follow-on questions to challenge your students: "which blocks will we use the most of,' or 'which the least?"; "How will your predictions change if we use different blocks?" After discussing, students can write down their estimated number of blocks and measure themselves one at a time or in groups. The magnetism will help make the measuring process easier! Teachers can keep track of block type and quantity on a chart. After measuring each other the class can compare their predictions to their results.


Balancing Act

This exercise introduces science and math concepts to students. To start, have students form small groups and select one long plank and small trapezoid from the Tegu set to create a basic scale. Once each group has their materials, the teacher can instruct the students to place the fulcrum (trapezoid) in the middle of the plank. Students can experiment with different combinations of blocks to see what balances the scale. After a bit of time, teachers can challenge the students to move the fulcrum over to one side and observe how this changes the block combinations needed to balance the scale.


Tell Your Story

This is a great game to inspire students to think creatively and express themselves in multiple ways. Have students work in small groups to build a story with Tegu blocks – creating structures, landscapes or machines. Each group will work collaboratively to build a piece of a larger story that they are creating from scratch, or building from a story read in class. After a short building session, students can describe what they built and narrate their story to the class.

Tegu classroom kit

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