Best toy company of the year?! :) See our 2012 Annual Report

Maybe you have been with us since our very first magnetic wooden block set launched in 2009, or maybe you had never heard of Tegu before receiving a set for Christmas last year. However long it has been, we want to take a moment to say thank you! 2012 was a big year at Tegu, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

People are first drawn to Tegu for many different reasons. Our social mission in Honduras. Our desire to foster creativity and help equip your children through open-ended play. Our eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Our simply beautiful design. We are taking these things seriously, and having fun doing it!

Thank you for caring about these things too. Thank you for introducing Tegu Blocks into the lives of your family and friends. We look forward to many years together ahead! We love being a toy that children return to year after year and we love seeing the way our building system grows with a child as their imagination grows. We look forward to seeing their children play with Tegu. Yes, that’s right! We are confident in the heirloom quality of our product and we are creating a toy company designed to be around 100+ years from now!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to celebrate 2012. Starting tomorrow we will be sharing fun facts from our 2012 annual report and hosting 24 hour promotions to let you know how much we appreciate you!

View annual report here! 

2012 Thank You From Tegu Founders

Calling all builders!

You have told us about the fun you are having with your Tegu Blocks, and now we want to see it! Tegu is excited to announce our Building Inspiration Manual! We have created this gallery for you to share your creations and get inspired by others. It’s like a virtual refrigerator, instruction manual, inspiration page and hall of fame!

Not only that, but we will be hosting monthly building contests!

So, start building! And if you upload a picture to the gallery before Monday morning (February 4), you will be entered into our first monthly drawing to win five cube sleeves of your choice! Each person who enters will also receive a coupon code for 10% off and free shipping within the USA.

Enter here

Tegu Monthly Build

Tegu Launches Monthly Build

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A Bold Block

From aspiring architects to budding builders, the new Nelson blocks will kindle your children’s creativity and build a new generation of designers, inventors, and artists. Named in honor of famous designer George Nelson, these multi-colored blocks will help transform their visions into realities–and even unleash your inner child in the process!

Like the designer himself, these simple (yet inspired) blocks will allow your children “to do much more with much less.” While you can’t have an unlimited number of blocks, the creative possibilities with Tegu Blocks are endless. With shades of orange, blue, gray, and green, the Nelson scheme adds a modern twist to a classic toy and helps kids everywhere visualize their designs in a new light (and color). In fact, between now and Friday, you could win the Nelson set of your choice by telling the Tegu Team about what inspires you!

Enter on Facebook

  1. Like Tegu on Facebook
  2. Publicly share any Nelson post (and your inspiration) with your friends

Enter on Twitter

  1. Follow @Tegu
  2. Tweet: “Hey @Tegu! I’m inspired by […]?” and, of course, include your inspiration

You only need to share or tweet once to participate. The contest launches today and ends Friday, October 5th. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Tuesday, October 9th. Even better? You can start building with these multi-colored blocks right now by using the discount code TEGUNELSON to receive 20% off any Nelson block set through Wednesday, October 10th. Available in the Pocket Pouch, Pocket Pouch Prism, Endeavor Set, or Explorer Set.


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Back to Basics with Blocks

Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said “The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” At Tegu, we firmly believe creativity can be a child’s best friend and want to thank educators everywhere for helping develop the creative minds of children, encouraging them to think outside the box and facilitating a “shift toward helping kids become their own content creators, not just content consumers.”  Through novel and innovative methods, educators can successfully engage and motivate students on a daily basis–and that’s where Tegu can help.

As times change and teaching aids evolve, blocks still remain a classroom essential. This ‘back-to-basics’ approach to education thrives on blocks’ inherent simplicity and developmental appropriateness for students of all ages and abilities. During the Tegu design process, we observe students in their natural environments and create educational tools that encourage active, inquisitive, and resourceful minds at all grade levels, from kindergarten to graduate schools of visual arts and design. By safely embedding magnets in each piece, Tegu Blocks offer puzzle-like constructive possibilities that challenge students to develop complex, gravity-defying creations—improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in the process. In fact, Frank Lloyd Wright credited wooden block play for sparking his interest in architecture. Under the guise of ‘fun,’ block play also encourages the development of mathematical and scientific reasoning through geometric exploration, spatial relations, magnetism, and beyond.

Through a series of ‘clicks and clacks,’ Tegu Blocks can be brilliantly simple tools for engaging your entire classroom—and contributing to a new generation of dreamers, doers, innovators, and visionaries. With them, students can articulate their visions and help make their stories into realities. With no instruction manual, Tegu Blocks refuse to impose limitations on a child’s brain, allowing castles—and creativity—to reach new heights. Multidisciplinary by nature, blocks prove highly effective in promoting executive functions and developing social skills from planning and executing a goal to crafting novel solutions to complex problems. Who knows? The next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates could be sitting in your classroom right now, waiting to unleash their creativity on the world.

With the school year in full swing, show the educator in your child’s life how much you appreciate his or her hard work inside the classroom. Join your fellow parents and enhance your children’s educational environment by donating the Classroom Kit—a magnetic wooden block bundle containing a broad mix of shapes, sizes, and colors. By joining together, you can purchase one Classroom Kit for the teacher of your choice using the following discount codes:

  • If only you purchase the Classroom Kit, save 10% using the code TEGUEDU10
  • If you and two fellow parents purchase the Classroom Kit together, save 30% using the code TEGUEDU30
  • If you and four fellow parents purchase the Classroom Kit together, save 50% using the code TEGUEDU50

By applying the above codes, you and your fellow parents will each receive an exclusive discount of 20% off any item purchased through After purchasing the Classroom Kit, just fill out this form before Saturday, October 6th. So, ditch the apples and donate  Tegu Blocks to show appreciation for your teachers—all year round.

photo (4)

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Building Blocks of Education

UPDATE: The Classroom Kit Sample program is now over. We will be sending the 5-10 block samples within the next two weeks. Thanks again to everyone who participated and shoot an email to with any questions. Can’t wait to see Tegu in classrooms across the country this fall!


With the first day of school just around the corner, it’s time to grab your backpacks and get the best back-to-school present for the student (or educator) in your life. Consisting of three Tegu Block Sets, the Classroom Kit is the perfect purchase for ‘thinkering’ at home or in school this fall!

Containing over 100 blocks, this exclusive set includes two Tints Explorer Sets, one Mahogany Discovery Set, and endless constructive possibilities for students everywhere. The broad mix of shapes and sizes will allow kids’ creativity to reach new heights and let them achieve their “a-ha” moment of discovery.  With this open-ended play, students will only be limited by their imaginations. Through a series of ‘clicks’ and ‘clacks,’ they can better develop their mental growth and physical dexterity as well as broaden their educational horizons. Both fun and educational, Tegu Blocks will help kids transition back to school in just a few snaps.

You can introduce Tegu to the classroom this fall by sending a free sample of the new back-to-school bundle to the educator of your choice—at no cost. You can sign up by completing this form OR adding this item to your cart. Tegu will then reach out about sending the free sample (we’ll either ship the blocks to you OR ship them directly to the school). We’re committed to building children’s imaginations and sparking their creativity in the classroom (and hope you are too). Even better? If you request the sample before Friday, you will automatically enter to win the Classroom Kit for yourself and your school.  A winner will be selected at random and announced on Wednesday, September 5th.

And if you want the bundle now, you’re in luck! Use the code TEGUSCHOOL to receive 20% off the Classroom Kit through Saturday, September 15th. Hope you’ve done your homework this summer!



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Reach New Heights With Wooden Toys

From castles to cathedrals, the latest Tegu Block sets allow your aspiring architect to defy gravity and reach new heights. With the new 22-piece Endeavor and 40-piece Explorer Sets, we’ve transformed the Tegu experience and added a whole new dimension to open-ended play by introducing columns, mega-planks, and trapezoids into the mix. These new shapes and sizes seamlessly integrate with any existing Tegu Block set—an excellent case study in modular design. Combined with cubes and planks, they enhance the capabilities for building bigger, taller, and more angular creations. And, of course, the embedded magnets prevent your ships, towers, and skyscrapers from crashing to the ground.

With no instruction manual, children will only be limited by their imaginations. With the new Endeavor and Explorer, they will not only build architectural masterpieces, but also their creativity, motor skills, and spatial reasoning. In just a few snaps, children can unleash their curiosity and broaden their architectural horizons!

To help channel your inner Frank Lloyd Wright, we’ll be giving one lucky winner either the Endeavor or Explorer Set (individual will select which set/color). Between now and Wednesday, tell your friends and family why they should explore the world of Tegu Blocks and you could win!

Enter on Facebook:

  1. Like Tegu on Facebook
  2. Publicly share any Explorer/Endeavor post with your friends and tell them why they should explore the world of Tegu

Enter on Twitter:

  1. Follow @Tegu
  2. Tweet: “Explore the world of @Tegu #Blocks w/ me”

You only need to share or tweet once to participate. The contest launches today and ends Wednesday night. The winner will be chosen at random and announced Thursday morning on Facebook and Twitter.


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A Grown-Up Twist on Wooden Toys

Make a note: we’re adding a grown-up twist to the classic wooden block with Asterisk—the world’s most attractive desk toy. Consisting of a magnetic base and seven magnetic wooden sculpture pieces, this curiously attractive executive toy will help satisfy your creativity with its sleek appearance and addictive magnets. From the office to the classroom, these wooden blocks can be combined in endless ways to create elegant and inspiring designs.

With just a few weeks until Father’s Day, it’s time to put down the tie and think outside the box. Between now and Friday, tell us why your dad is the coolest on the block and you could win an Asterisk for him this year.

Enter on Facebook

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  2. Publicly share any Asterisk post by Tegu with your friends and tell them why your dad’s the coolest on the block

Enter on Twitter

  1. Follow @Tegu
  2. Tweet: Hey @Tegu! Help my dad be the coolest one on the #block #asterisk

You only need to share or tweet once to participate. However, there are two ways to earn an additional entry: getting five friends to “like” your post on Facebook OR receiving three retweets by three different users on Twitter. The contest launches today and ends Friday, June 8th. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, June 11th. Ready to purchase an Asterisk right now? Use the code TEGUASTERISK to receive 20% off through Friday, June 8th.

This summer, help your dad recharge at the office—no batteries required.

A Curiously Attractive Footnote For Your Desk

A Curiously Attractive Footnote For Your Desk

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Mobility: Tegu Re-invents the Wheel

Well, the entire team at Tegu has been waiting for this moment for quite some time: Mobility has launched! And yes, not long after attempting to re-invent the wooden block, we’ve also done our best to re-invent the wheel, too.

Tegu’s Magnetic Wooden Wheels attach to any block in the Tegu universe, turning every block creation into a mobile masterpiece. Seriously, it’s fun to throw two wheels on one cube and zip it across the floor. It’s also fun to get acquainted with our newly packaged runabouts: Dart, Hatch, Maddy Micro and Riley Roadster. Dart and Hatch make up the two newbies of the Mobility Compacts family (block building + wheels) while Maddy and Riley constitute the Mobility Silhouettes (collectible sleek profiles + wheels). They’re available this holiday season in limited quantities.

Wanna get your hands on your own mobile masterpiece? Click here to buy now.

Wanna see exactly how the wheels work? Enjoy the Mobility video below.

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