Your favorite wooden blocks at your favorite local toy store!

Today, enter to win simply by telling us your favorite local toy shop where you want to see Tegu!

The Trade Show Circuit is the days we try to get Tegu closer to you. We talk with buyers and and retailers. We see old friends and meet new ones, and sometimes it is your local toy shop owner who says YOU have been asking for Tegu!

Trade Show Circuit for Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks

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The Blocks That Built a Support System

Tegu was founded with a vision to create a for-profit business that could positively impact the people of Honduras. Part of that includes paying our employees livable wages, allowing them to support their families and afford an education. Simply by purchasing Tegu Blocks, you are contributing to what we call “the Tegu support system.”

Did you know you can help get kids off the Tegucigalpa trash dump and into schools? It is only by $15 to fund one week of school.

Tegu Wooden Block Company Support System

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Behind the scenes: How your favorite wooden blocks are made

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You are about to find out (most of) the secret recipe to our one-of-a-kind magnetic wooden blocks!  The cycle goes all the way from one tree to another, creating a beautiful building system of Tegu Blocks in the process!

From Tree to Tree Tegu Wooden Blocks

You have probably heard about our mission in Honduras. But maybe you wondered where you are calling when you have a customer service question? Or where our designer sits when he comes up with the newest Tegu product? We included this map so you can get to know us a bit more!

Tegu Office USA

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These Building Blocks Keep Going Taller

If you stacked all the Tegu Blocks sold in 2012 magnet to magnet…would you have guessed it was over 110,000 feet? Wow! That is a lot of Tegu Blocks! Thanks to each of you that helped us reach that height.

Speaking of tall, did you know our Explorer Set can build taller towers than any of our other sets? Tegu Blocks allow towers and creations to reach new heights because of the magnets inside each block, but with the tall columns that only come in the Explorer Set, scale comes faster!

To celebrate today, get a free Pocket Pouch Mahogany with purchase of any Explorer Set!


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Reaching New Heights With Tegu Block

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Planting Trees with Tegu Wooden Blocks

Being green is not just for St Patricks Day! At Tegu, we take it seriously all year-round. Not only do we carefully select each tree we harvest, but we have partnered with Trees for the Future to replant as well. In 2012, for every 1 tree removed, we planted 983 new trees! And since our partnership with Trees for the Future began, we have planted over 100,000 trees!

Look on your Tegu box to see how many trees planted your block set represents. And if you want to do more, just visit the Donate section of our website. There you can plant 3 Dozen trees for just $5!

Trees Planted with Tegu

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How do you like your wooden blocks: colored or natural?

According to sales from 2012, Natural is our most popular color!

Are you a little surprised? All our colors are eye-catching and each is well loved! But our Natural blocks do a particularly good job of showcasing the Honduran hardwood each Tegu Block is made with. In addition, our Natural blocks resonate across generations because of the familiar look. Adults tell us how they are reminded of wooden blocks they played with as a child, and both kids and kids at heart love the way Tegu has reinvented with wooden block by making it magnetic!

So today only, to celebrate our Natural blocks, get a free Pocket Pouch Prism Natural when you spend $60 or more on our website. That is a $30 gift!


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Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks Sales by Finish 2012

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Your Favorite Building Block Set From Tegu

Now that we have all these different wooden block shapes and set sizes, how does one even choose? According to sales from 2012, our Pocket Pouch is one of your favorites! Probably because it is such a perfect travel toy, stocking stuffer, desk toy…really, there isn’t an occasion you wouldn’t want your Pocket Pouch along!

So, today we are celebrating the Pocket Pouch. Get a FREE sleeve of 4 Green Tegu Cubes when you buy any Pocket Pouch or Pocket Pouch Prism!


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Tegu 2012 Sales by Product Category

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From Our Original Wooden Block Set to Many

Did you know Tegu started with just one set, the ORIGINAL SET? Look how much we’ve grown! We’ve expanded our color selections, block shapes, and product lines. And we are going to keep expanding! Tegu is a system to keep building on to.

Today only, to celebrate how much our product portfolio has grown, get a FREE Pocket Pouch Prism Jungle when you buy any ORIGINAL SET!


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Tegu 2012 Product Portfolio

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