Wooden Blocks to Celebrate Spring and Easter!

Tints is one of our most popular colors, and, let’s be honest, it is perfect for springtime! Not only are our bright wooden blocks a great addition to any Easter basket, our magnetic building system offers hours of fun for those rainy spring days when you are stuck indoors.

So, celebrate spring with Tegu Tints! Get $20 off and free shipping* on all purchases over $100 when you include any Tints set! Offer valid through March 31, 2013.

View Tints collection here

Then, show us what you build! Did you know we host monthly building contests on the Tegu Gallery? Upload a photo of your spring-themed creation and be automatically entered into March’s drawing for a free Pocket Pouch Prism Tints!

Tegu Tints Flowers

*Free shipping only available in US.

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A Grown-Up Twist on Wooden Toys

Make a note: we’re adding a grown-up twist to the classic wooden block with Asterisk—the world’s most attractive desk toy. Consisting of a magnetic base and seven magnetic wooden sculpture pieces, this curiously attractive executive toy will help satisfy your creativity with its sleek appearance and addictive magnets. From the office to the classroom, these wooden blocks can be combined in endless ways to create elegant and inspiring designs.

With just a few weeks until Father’s Day, it’s time to put down the tie and think outside the box. Between now and Friday, tell us why your dad is the coolest on the block and you could win an Asterisk for him this year.

Enter on Facebook

  1. Like Tegu on Facebook
  2. Publicly share any Asterisk post by Tegu with your friends and tell them why your dad’s the coolest on the block

Enter on Twitter

  1. Follow @Tegu
  2. Tweet: Hey @Tegu! Help my dad be the coolest one on the #block http://bit.ly/KJU1c8 #asterisk

You only need to share or tweet once to participate. However, there are two ways to earn an additional entry: getting five friends to “like” your post on Facebook OR receiving three retweets by three different users on Twitter. The contest launches today and ends Friday, June 8th. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, June 11th. Ready to purchase an Asterisk right now? Use the code TEGUASTERISK to receive 20% off through Friday, June 8th.

This summer, help your dad recharge at the office—no batteries required.

A Curiously Attractive Footnote For Your Desk

A Curiously Attractive Footnote For Your Desk

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Tegu Fans: Thank You For Supporting Us!

Tegu Wooden Toys Fly The Honduran and American Flags!

Tegu Wooden Toys Fly The Honduran and American Flags!

Here at Tegu we are delighted to feel the love from our amazing and loyal customers. We have received so many encouraging and kind comments on our Connect page that it’s fitting to answer back with a sincere and humble THANK YOU! Thanks to all of you who read our blog, have liked us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Thanks to our faithful clientele that have convinced local toy stores to carry our products and have turned their whole crew into Tegu fans. And the list goes on…

Ruth Wilson recently left a comment pointing out how much we’ve grown. This remark got us reminiscing; it started with a team of 2 and now we are at 70 employees strategically located on the west coast, east coast, Honduras and now Europe! Tegu USA started out in a 100 sq ft space and launched two new products, and  we are now stretched out in a 1000 sq ft. office offering 12 products and 5 different finishes. So yes! We’ve grown and you all have been essential to this.

On a more personal note, as a Honduran I am truly grateful for having all of you as Ambassadors to my country; for helping promote our unique and beautiful hardwoods, for supporting job creation and our economy. You are planting trees and supporting education. You are helping renew Honduras through the purchase and sharing of  Tegu’s magnetic wooden toys.

So on behalf of the Tegu Team and 8 million Hondurans, thank you! We are very grateful for your continued support.

One of Tegu's biggest fans - Daniela's daughter Sophia!

One of Tegu’s biggest fans – Daniela’s daughter Sofia!

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Radio New Zealand Asks About Magnetic Wooden Toys

Will Haughey, Tegu co-founder and Chief Blockhead, shared the Tegu Story while on vacation to reconnect with his Kiwi roots.

Hello Queenstown, New Zealand!

Hello Queenstown, New Zealand!

The interview started with questions that many who hear about Tegu for the first time often wonder. Why Honduras? “Why would you establish a company in one of the least developed and unstable countries in Central America? Why are you making life so hard for yourself Will?”

Will recalled that it all started while his brother Chris was travelling through the country and felt compelled to do something about the extreme poverty and dire economy. The brothers were soon “struck by the reality that the best way to serve the poor was through the creation of a business that could stand on its own two feet and be attached to the global economy.”

Honduras is a country of 7 million people with 65% of its population living below the poverty line. As Will pointed out during the interview, it is “a difficult environment to say the least but that’s exactly why it needs businesses like Tegu.”

Thus far Tegu has created 50+ stable jobs in Honduras, pays above market wages, supports reforestation and local education, and uses FSC-certified and sustainable hardwoods. In the words of the interviewer, it is an example of “capitalism with a social face.”

The concluding question in the interview was particularly interesting: “What’s next? How big can you get?” Will answered: “our vision is to create the world’s most innovative premium toy company” and to “create hundreds if not thousands of jobs.”


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Tegu Blocks are Children’s Toys, but We’re Not Forgetting Fido

Hopefully About To Discover Magnetic Wooden Block Joys!

At Tegu, we pride ourselves on our sustainable harvesting practices and tree-planting efforts and are truly impressed when we encounter companies with similar priorities. Take a look at Simply Fido, a new toy company for dogs with a heartfelt back-story. They are leading the way in the green toy movement and we love their use of natural dyes and organic cotton. We also just happen to adore puppies.

Read the CNN article and watch a video of the toys in action here: Pet Toys Going Green.

So the next time you’re stocking up on children’s toys, make sure to include some playthings for Fido with your new magnetic wooden blocks. In a perfect world, both children and puppies would have high-design, safe, environmentally-friendly toys. We’ve got the children’s toy chest covered!

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