A Bold Block

From aspiring architects to budding builders, the new Nelson blocks will kindle your children’s creativity and build a new generation of designers, inventors, and artists. Named in honor of famous designer George Nelson, these multi-colored blocks will help transform their visions into realities–and even unleash your inner child in the process!

Like the designer himself, these simple (yet inspired) blocks will allow your children “to do much more with much less.” While you can’t have an unlimited number of blocks, the creative possibilities with Tegu Blocks are endless. With shades of orange, blue, gray, and green, the Nelson scheme adds a modern twist to a classic toy and helps kids everywhere visualize their designs in a new light (and color). In fact, between now and Friday, you could win the Nelson set of your choice by telling the Tegu Team about what inspires you!

Enter on Facebook

  1. Like Tegu on Facebook
  2. Publicly share any Nelson post (and your inspiration) with your friends

Enter on Twitter

  1. Follow @Tegu
  2. Tweet: “Hey @Tegu! I’m inspired by […]?” and, of course, include your inspiration

You only need to share or tweet once to participate. The contest launches today and ends Friday, October 5th. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Tuesday, October 9th. Even better? You can start building with these multi-colored blocks right now by using the discount code TEGUNELSON to receive 20% off any Nelson block set through Wednesday, October 10th. Available in the Pocket Pouch, Pocket Pouch Prism, Endeavor Set, or Explorer Set.


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Back to Basics with Blocks

Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said “The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” At Tegu, we firmly believe creativity can be a child’s best friend and want to thank educators everywhere for helping develop the creative minds of children, encouraging them to think outside the box and facilitating a “shift toward helping kids become their own content creators, not just content consumers.”  Through novel and innovative methods, educators can successfully engage and motivate students on a daily basis–and that’s where Tegu can help.

As times change and teaching aids evolve, blocks still remain a classroom essential. This ‘back-to-basics’ approach to education thrives on blocks’ inherent simplicity and developmental appropriateness for students of all ages and abilities. During the Tegu design process, we observe students in their natural environments and create educational tools that encourage active, inquisitive, and resourceful minds at all grade levels, from kindergarten to graduate schools of visual arts and design. By safely embedding magnets in each piece, Tegu Blocks offer puzzle-like constructive possibilities that challenge students to develop complex, gravity-defying creations—improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in the process. In fact, Frank Lloyd Wright credited wooden block play for sparking his interest in architecture. Under the guise of ‘fun,’ block play also encourages the development of mathematical and scientific reasoning through geometric exploration, spatial relations, magnetism, and beyond.

Through a series of ‘clicks and clacks,’ Tegu Blocks can be brilliantly simple tools for engaging your entire classroom—and contributing to a new generation of dreamers, doers, innovators, and visionaries. With them, students can articulate their visions and help make their stories into realities. With no instruction manual, Tegu Blocks refuse to impose limitations on a child’s brain, allowing castles—and creativity—to reach new heights. Multidisciplinary by nature, blocks prove highly effective in promoting executive functions and developing social skills from planning and executing a goal to crafting novel solutions to complex problems. Who knows? The next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates could be sitting in your classroom right now, waiting to unleash their creativity on the world.

With the school year in full swing, show the educator in your child’s life how much you appreciate his or her hard work inside the classroom. Join your fellow parents and enhance your children’s educational environment by donating the Classroom Kit—a magnetic wooden block bundle containing a broad mix of shapes, sizes, and colors. By joining together, you can purchase one Classroom Kit for the teacher of your choice using the following discount codes:

  • If only you purchase the Classroom Kit, save 10% using the code TEGUEDU10
  • If you and two fellow parents purchase the Classroom Kit together, save 30% using the code TEGUEDU30
  • If you and four fellow parents purchase the Classroom Kit together, save 50% using the code TEGUEDU50

By applying the above codes, you and your fellow parents will each receive an exclusive discount of 20% off any item purchased through Tegu.com. After purchasing the Classroom Kit, just fill out this form before Saturday, October 6th. So, ditch the apples and donate  Tegu Blocks to show appreciation for your teachers—all year round.

photo (4)

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Building Blocks of Education

UPDATE: The Classroom Kit Sample program is now over. We will be sending the 5-10 block samples within the next two weeks. Thanks again to everyone who participated and shoot an email to Service@Tegu.com with any questions. Can’t wait to see Tegu in classrooms across the country this fall!


With the first day of school just around the corner, it’s time to grab your backpacks and get the best back-to-school present for the student (or educator) in your life. Consisting of three Tegu Block Sets, the Classroom Kit is the perfect purchase for ‘thinkering’ at home or in school this fall!

Containing over 100 blocks, this exclusive set includes two Tints Explorer Sets, one Mahogany Discovery Set, and endless constructive possibilities for students everywhere. The broad mix of shapes and sizes will allow kids’ creativity to reach new heights and let them achieve their “a-ha” moment of discovery.  With this open-ended play, students will only be limited by their imaginations. Through a series of ‘clicks’ and ‘clacks,’ they can better develop their mental growth and physical dexterity as well as broaden their educational horizons. Both fun and educational, Tegu Blocks will help kids transition back to school in just a few snaps.

You can introduce Tegu to the classroom this fall by sending a free sample of the new back-to-school bundle to the educator of your choice—at no cost. You can sign up by completing this form OR adding this item to your cart. Tegu will then reach out about sending the free sample (we’ll either ship the blocks to you OR ship them directly to the school). We’re committed to building children’s imaginations and sparking their creativity in the classroom (and hope you are too). Even better? If you request the sample before Friday, you will automatically enter to win the Classroom Kit for yourself and your school.  A winner will be selected at random and announced on Wednesday, September 5th.

And if you want the bundle now, you’re in luck! Use the code TEGUSCHOOL to receive 20% off the Classroom Kit through Saturday, September 15th. Hope you’ve done your homework this summer!



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Start Your Engines

Guest post by Liz Daldalian, Tegu Intern

From magnetic wooden toys to the race track, we’re always looking for ways to show how the Tegu Team rolls. In fact, you might remember we started sponsoring two budding kart racers, Sam Paley and Max Kaeser, a few months back. Well, we have an exciting update on these junior racers!

On July 7th and 8th, Sam and Max competed in the World Karting Association Manufacturers Cup Nationals at MRP in South Bend, Indiana. On the first day, Sam placed third and Max placed fourth out of 25 entries in the Yamaha Rookie class. They continued their winning streaks on the second day with 2nd and 5th place finishes, securing their 10th and 3rd straight national podium, respectively. We’re proud to support these young athletes and look forward to following them throughout the year. Be sure to check back for updates and a big congratulations to the boys!


Max accepts his award for 4th place in World Karting Association Nationals at MRP in South Bend, Indiana


Sam proudly shows off his trophy after the World Karting Association Nationals in South Bend, Indiana.

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From Toys to Technology

We always say the Pocket Pouch makes the perfect travel companion for kids and parents alike—whether it be to the office or playground. Thanks to designer Nate Lau, there’s now another way to place Tegu in the palm of your hand. Literally.

Known as the ‘Sultan of Sketch,’ Nate created eight iPhone 4/4S wallpaper designs to set as your home and/or lock screens. At Tegu, we’re always looking to create beautiful, innovative products from the angular Explorer and Pocket Pouch Prism to the mobile Dart and Hatch. Of course, this philosophy applies beyond just the block sets. These new smartphone designs serve as yet another means of enhancing the Tegu experience for customers and the team itself.

For the small team we’ve amassed here, we carry a lot of Tegu pride. The idea of creating wallpapers for our phones was just a small way we could bring a little bit of Tegu with us wherever we go. Plus, we’re a toy company, and it’s just kinda fun!

While the designs primarily represent our block sets, two wallpapers were inspired by those sets’ exterior packaging. More important, they incorporate how these magnetic wooden blocks unleash creativity and inspire open-ended play.

It [Splash] was created to represent the creative explosion that happens within a child’s imagination—something we wholeheartedly support at Tegu.

We don’t like to play favorites here at Tegu, but, of course, each team member has already chosen and assigned a favorite wallpaper to their phone. As the man responsible for the curiously attractive blocks, you might be wondering which one Nate chose.  While he does enjoy all the different designs, there’s one that stands above the rest (see below):

My favorite one is probably the wallpaper with the white background showing a bunch of things that can be made with our Prism. The Pocket Pouch Prism is one of my favorite products and I love the abstract quality you get when playing with it- the creations are always so abstract, it’s like trying to see animals in the clouds, but with blocks!

We will be posting all eight designs on the Tegu Facebook and Twitter pages over the next few days. Stay tuned! A big thanks to our fabulous intern Dolly for conducting this interview (and helping the Tegu Team this summer).

01 green splash A-01

"Splash" Wallpaper

03 Nelson Prism creations-01

Prism Creation Wallpaper

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Drumroll, Please

Last week, we launched our inaugural ‘Summer Building Contest‘ where we invited over 20 bloggers to demonstrate the endless possibilities of  the new Endeavor and Explorer Sets. We were really impressed by their creations and you agreed (over 700 people voted). And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Ilana Wiles from Mommy Shorts won the $300+ Tegu bundle AND received the most number of votes, thereby earning the title of ‘Chief Blockitect.’ She said she takes her block building seriously and it looks like it paid off. A huge congrats to Ilana and her crew!

And, by voting for your favorite, you entered to win your own Tegu Block Set.  All individual winners from each blog will be notified via email. Remember: both the blogger and individual winners were selected at random. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the contest!



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Summer Building Contest

A few days ago, we introduced you to the Endeavor and Explorer Sets which have transformed the Tegu experience and enhanced the capabilities for building taller and larger creations!

To prove this gravity-defying nature, we decided to host our inaugural ‘Summer Building Contest’ where we partnered with some wonderful bloggers (read about them below) who agreed to push their imaginations with the latest Tegu sets. From dogs and donkeys to flowers and towers, these bloggers definitely show the endless possibilities when constructing with our magnetic wooden blocks.

Wanna broaden your own architectural horizons? Well, you’re in luck. You can enter to win your own Endeavor or Explorer Set by simply voting for your favorite creation. To vote, submit a comment naming your favorite blogger and include your name, email address, and the URL of website that referred you in the corresponding fields. Voting starts today and ends on Tuesday, July 3rd. One individual voter from each blog will win a set!

One blogger will even win a $300+ Tegu bundle to give away to their active audience (Tegu will select both individual and blogger winners at random). The blogger with the most number of votes will be crowned “Chief Blockitect.” All winners will be announced on Thursday, July 5th.

Take a look at the creations below and cast your vote today!

Julie Strietelmeier, The Gadgeteer
Julie Strietelmeier from Columbus, Indiana is a gadget freak through and through. She created The Gadgeteer 15yrs ago and has been writing about and testing all sorts of gadgets and gizmos ever since. She likes building sets like Tegu because they are a fun diversion from work and help get her creative juices flowing. Besides, she’s always loved anything that has magnets.

Julie Seguss, Inhabitots

With the motto “Sustainable design for the next generation“, Inhabitots is the baby / parenting focused website in the Inhabitat family. Inhabitots.com was created as a resource for parents, families, and anyone else interested in sustainable modern design for children with a focus on design specifically targeted at babies, toddlers and kids.

Rebecca Sama, UrbanSherp
Rebecca Sama is the founder of UrbanSherp and has been a proud treehugger since the age of six. She spends her days tracking the latest, greatest green products and designers to share with consumers who appreciate good design and the planet. In fact, you can view her interpretation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater above!

Nicole Manning, The Shopping Mama
Manhattan High Rise
Before becoming a mom, Nicole taught high school English and traveled the world with her husband. She now enjoys a life filled with playdates, food being thrown from high chairs, and lots of toddler giggles. She loves to craft and create in her spare time and sells eco-friendly teething necklaces at The Sugar Cone Shoppe. Nicole blogs and writes for The Shopping Mama, THE source for all the unique and fabulous things you want and need for little ones but don’t have time to find yourself.

Alex Lum, Best Toys Guide
BestToysGuide.com was started in 2007 by a group of young-at-heart people with a passion for children’s toys. Their goal was to create an independent toy shopping guide with honest reviews and hands on testing. Today, they’re still having a blast testing out toys (who wouldn’t?), enjoying the antics of the office ferrets, and sharing it all with everyone.

Leanne Heilman, Rave and Review
Tegu Towers
Leanne is the owner and editor of Rave & Review and is always on the search for toys that the whole family can play with and appreciate. Her family has been fans of Tegu blocks since they ran across them at a local Seattle store and now the whole family is hooked on these awesome magnetic blocks.

Esther Garfield, BuyModernBaby
BuyModernBaby is known for showcasing the best modern children’s nurseries, products, furniture, gear and gifts. Esther Garfield has been searching the highs and lows of the internet since 2005 to find the latest and greatest products for children whose parents prefer a modern aesthetic. Her discoveries include such wonderful products as Tegu blocks.

MaryAnne K, Mama Smiles
MaryAnne is the mother of three playful, curious, craft-loving children. She is passionate about parenting, hands-on learning, good children’s literature, and encouraging and building childhood creativity. MaryAnne has a PhD in Medicine, a Masters degree in Education, and a BA in Music. She now uses all three degrees on a daily basis – albeit in somewhat unusual ways – as the stay-at-home mother of three (soon to be four!) young children. As a survivor of pediatric cancer (30 years in May 2012!), she cherishes each and every day of life.

Ilana Wiles, Mommy Shorts
Ilana Wiles writes Mommy Shorts, a popular NYC humor blog geared towards new parents. In addition to blogging, Ilana has worked as a creative in advertising for the past 15 years. She lives in the East Village of NYC with her husband, her two-year-old daughter and a rapidly growing pile of stuffed animals.

Anastasia Borisyu, EcoBabyz
EcoBabyz Tegu Contest
Eco-Babyz was born in 2008 out of the desire to share the natural parenting journey with parents all over the world. To provide a place where parents can stay informed on the latest in family health, legislation affecting children, healthy cooking, traveling light, daily mothering, and the best of Eco-friendly products. Capturing the essence of raising kids with enchanting photography. Eco-Babyz is your one stop blog for the journey of raising an intelligent, healthy, Eco-friendly, nature loving child

Molly Elmer, My Favorite Things
photo Molly is the founder and editor of My Favorite Things. MFT is a lifestyle blog where she assembles an on going list of all of her favorites. She loves to discover. To create. To explore. And share. And she encourages you to do the same. And because her three boys are at the tippy-top of her favorites list, she posts once or twice a week about motherhood.

Jillian Warner, Mommy Testers

Mommy Testers Tegu Summer Building Contest Technicolor Donkey
Mommy Testers was founded by Jillian Warner, a fashion industry mom with a lifelong passion for baby and kids products. She created Mommy Testers out of a frustration in finding good information about children’s products from reliable, unbiased sources. In reading reviews Jillian frequently found that the writer was either compensated by the company, or in most cases, lacked the thoughtful and practical insight from in depth, hands-on testing of the product.

Elizabeth Pyo, Being MVP
Elizabeth is a fulltime working mama to a wonderful little girl named Kenzie and is currently expecting a boy in early August. Balancing work and home life is tiresome but she’s enjoying every bit of watching Kenzie grow up.

Tiffany Malloy, Play Eat Grow

Tiffany MalloyDSC_0032
Play Eat Grow was started in 2011 by two friends, Tiffany and Christina, in an attempt to share all the fun things they were doing with their kids! Play Eat Grow specializes in PLAYING (fun things to do for both parent and child), EATING (yummy and kid-friendly recipes), and GROWING (spiritual formation activities and ideas).

Rebekka Drago, The Proverbs31 Mama


Rebekka is the wife of a wonderful husband and the mom of an incredible little girl. She feels blessed every day for the life she leads. Her blog is filled with product reviews, recipes, and craft ideas for little one!

Rebecca Sessa, MommaSess
Becky is the owner of the blog MommaSess (www.MommaSess.blogspot.com)  She has an 11 month old baby boy who has been walking for about a month now and is also married to my wonderful husband Chris. Her blog focuses on product reviews with a ton of giveaways for her blog followers.

Diannah Jacobson, Cheap Mama Chick


Diannah is the owner/operator of Cheapmamachick.com, which focuses on finding great prices for high quality items for infants, children and moms!

Stephanie Moran Heald, Naturally Mindful
photo (2)
Stephanie is a mom, a furmom and a wife. Her blog, Naturally Mindful, was born out of necessity when she felt overwhelmed by how unsafe and toxic many common household products are. She is determined to live a healthier and safer life for her and her family one step at a time. As a stay at home to her one year old, Stephanie does her homework in between naps and play dates. Sharing her tips and educating other families to empower them to take the best choice to live a greener life.

Julie L., Connecting Piece by Piece
Julie is a stay-at-home mom of three and the author of Connecting Piece by Piece which focuses on on family support, autism, and epilepsy (her youngest child has autism/ epilepsy and her oldest daughter has epilepsy). Julie enjoys doing sweepstakes and tries products for reviews/giveaways. Her goal is to do the best job she can for her autistic son and to write a book about their journey.

Jennifer Lance, Eco Child’s Play

Jennifer is founder and editor of Eco Child’s Play which provides news, information, and opinions on natural, green parenting to help your family live a more healthy life. They live off-the-grid and grow a majority of their own food. They built an eco-home from salvage timber off their land, which they milled themselves. They produce electrical power from their creek, and daily hikes are part of their family’s routine. Extending their eco-values to children is only natural, as they try to raise world citizens with the smallest carbon footprint possible. It’s not always easy, with the commercialization of childhood, but they strongly believe children will benefit in the long run.

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Reach New Heights With Wooden Toys

From castles to cathedrals, the latest Tegu Block sets allow your aspiring architect to defy gravity and reach new heights. With the new 22-piece Endeavor and 40-piece Explorer Sets, we’ve transformed the Tegu experience and added a whole new dimension to open-ended play by introducing columns, mega-planks, and trapezoids into the mix. These new shapes and sizes seamlessly integrate with any existing Tegu Block set—an excellent case study in modular design. Combined with cubes and planks, they enhance the capabilities for building bigger, taller, and more angular creations. And, of course, the embedded magnets prevent your ships, towers, and skyscrapers from crashing to the ground.

With no instruction manual, children will only be limited by their imaginations. With the new Endeavor and Explorer, they will not only build architectural masterpieces, but also their creativity, motor skills, and spatial reasoning. In just a few snaps, children can unleash their curiosity and broaden their architectural horizons!

To help channel your inner Frank Lloyd Wright, we’ll be giving one lucky winner either the Endeavor or Explorer Set (individual will select which set/color). Between now and Wednesday, tell your friends and family why they should explore the world of Tegu Blocks and you could win!

Enter on Facebook:

  1. Like Tegu on Facebook
  2. Publicly share any Explorer/Endeavor post with your friends and tell them why they should explore the world of Tegu

Enter on Twitter:

  1. Follow @Tegu
  2. Tweet: “Explore the world of @Tegu #Blocks w/ me http://bit.ly/ExploreTegu”

You only need to share or tweet once to participate. The contest launches today and ends Wednesday night. The winner will be chosen at random and announced Thursday morning on Facebook and Twitter.


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