Behind the scenes: How your favorite wooden blocks are made

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You are about to find out (most of) the secret recipe to our one-of-a-kind magnetic wooden blocks!  The cycle goes all the way from one tree to another, creating a beautiful building system of Tegu Blocks in the process!

From Tree to Tree Tegu Wooden Blocks

You have probably heard about our mission in Honduras. But maybe you wondered where you are calling when you have a customer service question? Or where our designer sits when he comes up with the newest Tegu product? We included this map so you can get to know us a bit more!

Tegu Office USA

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  1. As a working artist, I am always thinking and strategizing on new visual and sculptural elements. Awhile a ago, I designed and built a sculptural group of wood shapes for an art exhibition. The pieces are, as a group, moved and placed together, to form myriad designs. This item was purchased by an executive at CBS Broadcasting in NYC. He told me that there was never one person who sat down in a meeting in his office that wasn’t fascinated by and played with this item.
    It has been suggested to me by a number of other interested persons that it could be of interest to a game and/or toy manufacturer. I have noticed your products in museum stores and am now looking into that business possibility.
    I have no currant obligations at this time but am investigating several opportunities. If you are interested, you can email me at the address listed above.
    Nancy Reinker

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