Meet Sam & Max: Junior Kartracing is No Child’s Play

Sam is the racer in the front. Max is two karts back.

Sam is the racer in the front. Max is two karts back.

Since the launch of Tegu Mobility, we’ve been doing what we can to encourage underage driving. Most recently we discovered two amazing pint-sized racecar drivers who we will be proud to sponsor: Sam Paley and Max Kaeser. Nine-year-old Sam has been racing karts for three years, with many notable finishes including second place in the 2010 Kid Kart Nationals. Teammate Max is eight and is also a national level ski racer. Both boys are straight-A students and are passionate about racing.

This past December they raced in Daytona Kartweek, a huge competition for both amateurs and some professionals who burn rubber around the track in $25,000 karts. Sam sped his way to a third place finish, while Max came in first out of the 27-strong field of Yamaha Rookie competitors.

Look for more updates on Sam and Max as they head into the Zoom Zoom Nationals March 11 – 13 in Kershaw, South Carolina. Please join us in cheering them on as they battle it out for the Nationals title this year!

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